When teeth are missing and there is enough bone, implants can be inserted. This is assuming there is no alternative, conventional treatment that is just as satisfactory – and perhaps cheaper


What do we do?

We have 2 oral surgeons at the clinic, who remove complicated wisdom teeth and insert implants. They are both specially trained in jaw surgery. You can read more about them here.

We use the latest technology with CBCT X-ray, digital planning and guided surgery. We never compromise on the components we use. We always choose what will be most optimal for your treatment.

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Is implant treatment successful?

It is scientifically proven that implants can grow firmly and function for many years. However, implant treatment is so new that the durability in some clinical situations is unknown, but the latest studies show that an implant is likely to last as long as crowns or bridges.


Smokers are known to lose implants more often than non-smokers and it is likely that osteoporosis is an unfavorable condition for successful implant treatment. Once the implant has healed into the jaw and is functioning as intended, they should be checked by your dentist at appropriate intervals

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Newest technology

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Well-trained practitioners

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Care, Quality, Service

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