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Dentist Amager - Your assurance of healthy teeth

You probably already know that it’s important to take good care of your teeth. While brushing regularly, flossing and avoiding excessive consumption of tooth-damaging foods and drinks can go a long way, you should also make sure you visit a dental chair regularly and why not use our dental chair.

Centrally located dentist with a wide range of services 

Our dental practice is located at Gammel Strand in the inner part of Copenhagen. Therefore, we especially treat patients who, for example, live in Amager or Christianshavn. We are located in cozy, inviting premises – and we perform check-ups, teeth cleaning, orthodontic treatment, dental fillings and various types of surgery.

If you are struggling with a dental disease or are looking for an experienced dentist who can diagnose and treat diseases of the chewing muscles and oral mucosa, you are also in good hands when you come to us. 

Peace of mind above all 

Many people struggle with dental fear. Therefore, your safety is always paramount at Tandlægerne Gl. Strand Dentists. We establish thorough communication from start to finish of the process, so you are fully aware of what you need to have done, why and how. We guide you individually throughout the process. We handle your treatment with efficiency, care and attention to detail. Dental treatment doesn’t have to be a scary affair.

As a dentist in Amager, we strive to ensure that you always leave the dentist’s chair with a smile on your face. And we give you

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Newest Technology

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Well-Educated Practitioners

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Care. Quality, Service

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