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Dental implant at Dentists Gammel Strand

A beautiful smile has a lot to say, both about our own confidence and the way others perceive us. Gaps in your smile can cause many negative associations, both for yourself and in the eyes of others, however unjustified they may be.

At Gammel Strand Dentists, we offer dental implants to replace your missing teeth. You get your beautiful smile back, and we make sure it’s done with the technique that’s best suited to you and your unique situation – even if it’s the cheaper option.


Need for dental implants in the Capital Region of Denmark

At Gammel Strand Dentistry, we focus on the patient’s well-being. We know how much a hollow smile can do for your self-esteem, which is why we welcome you and find the best solution together.

Dental implants require that there is enough bone to place the implant and that there is no alternative, more conventional treatment that will work just as well. We will investigate the different options and give you our professional recommendation.

If the implant is the final choice, one of our two oral surgeons will use the latest technology to X-ray and digitally plan the procedure. We use only the best components to ensure you get the most optimal treatment. Our surgeons are specially trained in jaw surgery and also remove complicated wisdom teeth.

It’s scientifically proven that implants can not only grow in like other teeth, but function for many years to come. The treatment is new, and there will be

Dental Implant - Tandlægerne Gammel Strand - Group 22 - Dental Implant
Dental Implant - Tandlægerne Gammel Strand - dentist robot 2 - Dental Implant

Newest Technology

Dental Implant - Tandlægerne Gammel Strand - dentistry tooth good - Dental Implant

Well-Educated Practitioners

Dental Implant - Tandlægerne Gammel Strand - dentistry tooth 2 - Dental Implant

Care, Quality, Service

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